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A lot of footballers in Italy have been working on their footballing future, as their careers are about to come to an end.

This is because of the increase in the prevalence of the chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis and cancer, which are also increasing in the population.

However, some players are not ready to give up their football career yet.

As it is, it is a time when players have to decide whether to continue their training or leave the field.

As a result, a number of players are taking their football-related training seriously.

One of them is the 23-year-old Italian international Antonio Cunego.

“I’m not quitting football, but I have to make sure I take my footballing training seriously,” the midfielder told Tuttosport.

“If I leave it won’t be like last year, when I could leave and play in other leagues,” he added.

“When you’ve already been playing for a long time, it’s easy to leave, but now I have the experience of playing a few games and playing with other teams.”

According to Cunigo, football training can be extremely useful for players to develop their health.

“There’s so many different ways to improve the health, which makes it very beneficial for us as athletes to be aware of these things,” he said.

“A good amount of players suffer from chronic diseases like osteopurosis and other types of cancer, and this is why football is important to them.”

They know what to do, they know how to perform their sports, they have the knowledge to make their game better.

“Cunigeo is the latest player to come out of the woodwork and to give a detailed description of how he spends his time training.

In addition to his own personal training, he also trains at a club in Rome, where he works with a physical therapist.”

For the past six months I’ve also been doing some football coaching with a few other players.””

I also have a physical trainer who works with me every day and helps me with my strength training.”

For the past six months I’ve also been doing some football coaching with a few other players.

“After playing in the lower divisions of Italian football, Cuniggo has decided to switch to Serie B.”

Now I’m playing with the team that won the championship last season, and we’re in the second tier,” he explained.”

It’s nice to play for a team with such great potential.

It’s also important for me to play at such a level because it’s important for my career.