How to create aluminum extension ladder from a ball of aluminum

The aluminum extension (AL) ladder is a simple and efficient way to build a ladder for use with a ball.

It requires just two pieces: the base and the legs.

To create the ladder, cut out a ball about 1/4 inch (1 cm) in diameter and cut the sides off.

Drill the holes to the base.

The legs are attached to the sides by screws.

To add some height to the legs, cut off the top section and the top of the legs so that you can attach a second piece of wood to the top.

Place the two pieces on the base, and then glue the legs to the bottom of the base using the glue stick on the underside of the top piece of metal.

You can use glue sticks to attach the two legs to different locations in the ladder.

Attach the extension to the ladder using the extension sticks on the extension ladder, or you can glue the extension back to the ends of the ladder and the base with a rubber band.

Add a new set of legs, and add more wood to make the ladder longer.

You might want to make a new base using one of the existing bases you have lying around, or add a piece of solid wood to keep the legs from sliding when you move the ladder around.