Aluminium Utility Trailer – 2nd Edition

The trailer is based on the standard utility trailer that has been available in many cars since the 1950s.

It has a flat roof, a steel frame and a metal grille that is a direct match to the trailer’s aluminum frame.

The trailer can fit up to 50 people.

It is manufactured by the U.S. aluminum company Alcoa and has a range of weights and materials including aluminum decking and aluminum utility trailer.

The company said it is available in different weights from 1,000 pounds to more than 4,000.

Alfa is also producing a special version of the trailer, called the Aluminum Utility Trailer 4th Edition.

The vehicle is manufactured at the Alcoas aluminum processing plant in Pueblo, Colorado.

The truck will be used to haul cargo for companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction and energy.