How to get the best prices on Apple products in the UK

A US-based tech blogger has come up with a method for consumers to save up to £400 on an iPhone 6 or 6s in the coming weeks, by buying an unlocked device from an authorized reseller.

According to the Daily Dot, a user using a US-registered reseller can purchase a pre-owned iPhone 6 from an Apple reseller for as little as £299 (€349).

The reseller then sells the iPhone to an authorized Apple reseller who can then resell it for a discounted price.

The reseller, in turn, then sells a similarly pre-sold iPhone 6 to an Apple Retail Store for £399 (€499).

The device is then placed in the customer’s cart for free and then is eligible to be returned to the reseller at a later date.

The process of using the resellers’ services allows the customer to pay the full price of the device at any time for a low fee, with the added benefit of having the device returned to them within 48 hours.

According to a report by The Verge, the method, which the site described as a “tricks-and-spies” technique, can be used by “sophisticated shoppers” who want to avoid being stuck with an expensive device.

A previous version of the method was also used to purchase a Galaxy S6, but it was removed from the site’s website after a few complaints.

Apple is currently selling pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6s with 4GB or 5GB of RAM for $399, which means that it would be cheaper to buy an unlocked iPhone 6S and upgrade to the iPhone SE from an unlocked phone.

Apple currently sells the device in two sizes: 64GB and 128GB.