How aluminium is made

Australia’s aluminium mining industry has become a hotbed of political controversy, with a series of scandals over the past year involving former Liberal premier Denis Napthine and the mining industry.

The controversy has seen the former premier and his son, Liberal leader Matthew Napthines, accused of being corrupt, while the mining lobby has accused him of trying to undermine the government.

Matt Napthino, who was prime minister from December 2012 to January 2017, and his wife, Fiona, have been accused of having a financial relationship with mining companies and politicians.

Matt and Fiona have denied the allegations.

Last month, the Victorian Police investigated a series for alleged payments made by Mr Napthinos to the Liberal Party.

Matt was also implicated in a bribery trial in 2015.

Mr Napthina and Mr Napothines have denied any wrongdoing.

The Liberal Party has also been hit by allegations of impropriety in relation to donations to the party.

A new scandal in Victoria has led to the resignations of two senior members of the Liberal National Party.

The ABC has been told the resignation of former deputy leader, Nick DiCamillo, and a former candidate, Andrew Gidley, was prompted by the alleged bribery of the state Liberal Party by the mining group Rio Tinto.

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