Aluminum fence cost $20M to build, 10,000-pound aluminum fence costs $20 million

A $20-million, 10-foot-long aluminum fence designed to keep out mosquitoes is expected to be built on the southern Florida coast.The $20.9-million fence is expected by Florida State University to be ready for the next hurricane season, but the project is not without challenges.The fence will be used in storm-water control and to monitor water quality […]

What the Trump administration is hiding about aluminum spraying

The EPA is denying that it’s working with aluminum to protect the environment.EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has called the claim “outrageous” and “preposterous.”The EPA’s latest denial comes after the agency said it will be issuing “advice” on aluminum spray paint to local authorities in the next few weeks.EPA officials did not immediately respond to ABC […]

How to repair a aluminum guitar with aluminum bar stock

You can repair your own aluminum guitar without the need for a bar stock or aluminum fence post.Here are some tips to make the job easier.Read moreWhat to look forBefore you begin repairing your aluminum guitar, you’ll want to know the following:How strong is your aluminum?Is the guitar ready for repair?Is it in good condition?Is […]

Aluminum pie pans are on the rise as new technology pushes prices down

The aluminum pie pan market is surging again, according to a new report by the U.S. aluminum company Bonnell Aluminum, which said it had seen a sharp rise in the number of aluminum water bottles being sold.The new numbers came from a survey of more than 1,400 customers, which the company said represents more than […]

How to get your $200+ aluminum foil kit, anodized for the best price

The aluminum foil is an essential component of an aluminum water cooling system.It’s used to conduct heat and cool components.When it’s aluminum, you can also use it to insulate parts, as shown in the picture above.The Aluminum Pergola Kit is an affordable way to get the best aluminum foil for the most money.The aluminum is […]

The Most Anticipated Things We’ll Find In The 2017 CES Show

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is coming up, and it looks like we might have some big news.In fact, we just received a list of products and services that are coming to CES 2018.These products and the information we’ve gathered here will hopefully help you prepare for the big day.First, we should point out that […]

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