Toyota: The company to watch in 2018

Toyota’s future looks bright.

The automaker is reportedly aiming to hit a $4.6 billion sales milestone in 2018 and, with that, an earnings increase.

This is a significant milestone for the Japanese automaker, which was in the midst of an incredible transformation from a small Japanese automaking company into a global manufacturing powerhouse with a global footprint.

Toyota is expected to sell more than 200,000 vehicles in 2018, with an estimated sales of about 3.6 million units.

This would be the company’s best year ever.

Toyota’s strong performance in the past year has helped to make the company the No. 1 automaker in the world.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has said that Toyota will remain at the forefront of the industry for the foreseeable future.

Toyota, of course, has always been a company to take a chance on new technologies, and Toyota is clearly going to take the next big step with the introduction of a brand new, electric-powered sports utility vehicle in 2018.

Toyota has been working on the concept since 2015 and has been building prototypes for several years now.

This new vehicle will not only be the first in the company to be built entirely in China, but will also be built in Toyota’s home market of Japan.

This could mean Toyota will be able to ramp up production in Japan even faster than expected, and it is certainly a step forward for Toyota.

It will also likely allow Toyota to be more aggressive in its investments in Asia.

Toyota will likely build a few models at its new plant in the city of Shizuoka, and the company will likely announce plans to build some of its own models in the future.

The new model will likely be powered by a hybrid version of Toyota’s Prius hybrid.

Toyota recently announced it will unveil a new, larger, gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in the next few months.

It is expected that Toyota may unveil a crossover vehicle as well, and if that vehicle is anything like the new Prius, it will likely feature a plug-in hybrid or electric drivetrain.

It’s not clear if Toyota will announce this crossover vehicle or its new Priuses in 2019, but the company has previously said that it will introduce a new crossover in 2019.

Toyota and Honda are also working on new models in 2018 with more electric and hybrid features, and they are expected to unveil their next generation electric SUV in 2019 or 2020.

This will likely mean that the 2019 model will have a new all-electric drivetrain, and this new SUV will likely have an electric drivetrains that will be comparable to those of the 2017 model.

Toyota may also introduce a brand-new SUV, and its 2019 crossover may feature a new battery pack that will allow it to offer even better range than its 2017 model while still offering all-wheel drive.

The company has a history of introducing some of the best electric vehicles on the market, and there is no doubt that Toyota is a major player in the electric vehicle industry.

If Toyota can continue to expand its sales in 2018 to more than 300,000 units and an earnings gain of about $3.6bn, this could be the year Toyota can finally close the gap with the likes of General Motors, Ford, and General Electric.