What to do with the aluminum chairs in the new Serie A?

The Serie A table tennis league is set to take a drastic step forward this season.

It has decided to scrap the chairs that have been part of the tournament since 2013.

Instead, the club will replace them with aluminum rectangular tubing, a type of seat that is made to fit a wider range of seating.

“We are planning to replace the chairs with a variety of different material alternatives and the new seats will be manufactured by Italian engineering company, B&F,” the club said in a statement on its official website.

“This new seat will be suitable for many different seating positions and will provide a much more comfortable playing surface for players, coaches and spectators.”

It is unclear how many seats will come from the new construction.

“The current seating capacity of the stadium is not sufficient to support the number of players we are expecting to play this season,” the team added.

The new seating will be made available to players and spectators from August 28.