The new aluminium alloy ‘canyon’ may have been invented in the 1930s

A new alloy has been invented that can hold up to 50 percent more aluminum than current aluminium, according to a research team.

Aluminum alloy is a combination of carbon, titanium and aluminum.

It is a good choice for lightweight, lightweight sports cars, because it is so lightweight, but it can also be used in the aerospace industry, where it is more lightweight than aluminium.

It has been used to produce aluminium-based composites for aerospace components like engines and engines systems.

A team of scientists from the German Aerospace Center and the Technical University of Munich have found that aluminium oxide can be made in a process that can reduce the metal content of aluminium by up to half.

The team, which has now tested a range of aluminium oxides in the laboratory, is now working on developing a new alloy for use in aerospace and defence applications.

According to the team, the new alloy may help reduce aluminium consumption in aircraft engines, which have been increasingly being used in defence aircraft.

Aluminium oxide is also used in aircraft parts, including fuselages, wings, tail structures and propellers.

It has also been used in various industries for its use in aluminium processing.

It was originally developed as a material for aluminium-containing composite parts, but is now used in aerospace as well.