How to repair an aluminum bike frame

Aluminum bike frames are used to build the NFL’s iconic jerseys and uniforms, and have a lasting impact on the sport’s fan base.

It’s why we’re here today to take a look at a few easy ways to repair your aluminum bike frames.1.

Install a metal stem on your aluminum frame2.

Remove an aluminum spacer3.

Replace a wheel assembly4.

Remove the bottom bracket and frame bolts5.

Reinstall the wheel assembly6.

Replace the bottom bolt with a hex bolt7.

Replace an aluminum bar bracket8.

Rebuild the frame with a new chain and chainrings9.

Remove and install a new spacer10.

Replace a metal frame bolt11.

Install the new chainring12.

Reattach a new wheel assembly13.

Replace all bolt and spacer bolts14.

Install all bolt, bar and chainring bolts15.

Install and reassemble the wheel, chain, and bracket16.

Replace your entire aluminum frame17.

Install, rebuild, and re-install your aluminum bicycle frame18.

Install new hardware19.

Reassemble your aluminum aluminum bike and get ready to ride again.

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