What you need to know about the Ball-A-Matic

It’s no secret that India’s domestic cup competitions are dominated by the domestic competition.

However, it’s the world’s third-most-popular sport after soccer and rugby league.

In 2017, the world recorded the highest number of domestic cup matches in history with more than 2.24 million.

However the sport is not limited to India, with football in the US, Japan and South Korea dominating the domestic calendar.

Here are the key things to know in India’s first-ever international cup match.

What to expect in the match:India will take on Pakistan at the Indian Sports Centre in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

The match is being held to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the first Indian cricket team, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

The ICC has also put on a major exhibition match in the city, which will see a series of matches from India, Pakistan, England and New Zealand.

India is hoping that the match will attract a bigger crowd, with tickets costing from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.

The home team, who are led by former Test captain and current captain, Ravi Shastri, will also be hoping for an audience.

However, fans of the other side will not be getting a chance to experience this.

The two teams have a history of going toe-to-toe.

Both the sides last played a home and away game in 2008-09, when Pakistan defeated India 6-0.

India, which have won the last two domestic cups, have also won the tournament in their last five matches.

But Pakistan have not lost in India since 2009, and India are just one point behind Pakistan in the chase for the final berth.

The rivalry between the two countries dates back to 2001 when Pakistan won the inaugural IPL and became the first nation to reach the final of the World Cup.

The following year, Pakistan beat India in a three-game final, before losing to Sri Lanka in the semi-final.