When the aluminum bike is made for you

A new folding bike is being made by aluminum scrap dealer Absolute Aluminum, and it looks a lot like a bike you would find at the local garage sale.

The Absolute Aluminum Aluminum Bicycle is the first folding bicycle you’ll see in 2018.

Its an aluminum folding bicycle, but instead of a bike seat it has a seat that is made of aluminum and weighs around 300 pounds.

It’s an all-aluminum frame, but the aluminum frame is designed to handle up to 800 pounds of weight.

The frame also has a built-in seat cushion, a saddle, and the aluminum chainring.

It also has an all metal fork, a handlebar, and an aluminum seatpost.

It comes with a rack and a front and rear shock, which is why Absolute Aluminum was able to sell it at a price of $2,299, or $1,200 less than what you’d pay at the shop.

This is a brand new folding bicycle with an aluminum frame, and Absolute Aluminum CEO Chris Zajic told Breitbart News that the company is selling it because they are “just excited to make the first aluminum folding bike for our customers.”

Zajic said that they are using the frame as a starting point for other aluminum bikes that are being made.

“We’re just trying to build the bicycle into what our customers want, so they can choose the frame and we can provide that,” he said.

“There’s a lot of new products that are coming out that are going to change the way people ride bikes, so it makes sense to take our bikes and build them into something that our customers are going get used to.”

Aluminum scrap prices have dropped dramatically since 2017, when aluminum scrap prices reached a high of $14,000 per pound.

But Zajac said that Absolute Aluminum’s folding bicycle is a “good example” of how aluminum prices are changing, and that the bike’s price is a reflection of its use in the world of industrial manufacturing.

“There’s nothing else like it in the market,” he added.

The Absolute Aluminum Bicycle also has the advantage of being made in a country that has an abundance of aluminum scrap, which means that it is a relatively cheap way to manufacture aluminum.

Absolute Aluminum has plans to use its aluminum scrap for other types of bicycles, including aluminum bike parts, and Zajics said that “the aluminum bikes we’re building are going be used in the automotive industry, so we’re going to use it in everything from tires to bicycle parts.”

He also said that the Absolute Aluminum bicycles will eventually be able to be assembled in other parts of the world, and then sold in the United States.

“We have our own aluminum factory that will be open up,” he explained.

“The next step is that we’re opening up an American factory in California, where we’re putting the assembly and all the components for the bikes in.

We’re building a factory for the bicycles in the U.S. in California.”

Alive Wire has reached out to Absolute Aluminum for comment, and we will update if we hear back.