10 Best Apple products of 2016

By CATHY HOFFMAN | FEBRUARY 17, 2018 11:57AM PDTApple has made it easier than ever to create a new Apple logo for the brand, as new versions of the logo are now available in two new formats: an 18-point version and a 16-point design.

Newly released versions of Apple’s iconic logo are designed to be more intuitive to use and easier to create.

A new 18-Point Logo (18PI) is the new 18 point version of the company’s logo, and it has the iconic letter “A” at the bottom.

The new 16-Point logo has the letter “X” at top left, which is a nod to Apple’s logo and its iconic “x” at center.

The logo is also thinner than its 18- Point counterpart, and the vertical bars are made thinner.

The new 16 point logo is $20.00 in new Apple stores and at participating Apple retail outlets.

Apple has also made it a lot easier to share the new Apple brand with friends and family, with an all-new new sharing feature for Apple Music and Apple Pay that allows you to share an image and a name with friends in one click.

Apple will also start making its iconic new logo available on the new iPhone 7, as well as a new Mac and an Apple TV, as part of the new 10th anniversary.

The updated Apple logo is a $35.00 upgrade over the original Apple logo that debuted on the iPhone 5S in 2013, which debuted with a black background, a circle at the top and “A Apple” at bottom.

The updated logo will be available in new retail outlets, while the original will be made available for $29.99.

The redesign is only available to customers in the U.S. and Canada, and is available only for existing Apple devices.