Alameda police investigate fire at shingled aluminum roofing company


— A fire at a shingling aluminum roof-coatings company in Alameda County has shut down its operations for two weeks, and the Alameda Fire Department said Thursday that the cause of the blaze is under investigation.

The fire began on Monday in a storage shed at the company, according to Alameda Police Department spokesman Joe Loomis.

Loomis said the blaze erupted during the night and was extinguished with the help of an explosive device.

He said the fire is still under investigation and the cause is under review.

Alameda Fire Capt. Jeff Luscombe said the company is currently working to determine if the blaze was related to the shinglers, which are used for shingle roofing.

We’re still looking into the cause, but there’s no indication that it’s a product related to that,” he said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.

A company representative could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Firefighters say they believe the blaze started after the company began installing new roof panels for its fleet of trucks.

While there’s a possibility the fire was started by an explosive charge, Loomi said that there was no evidence to suggest that.

Officials have asked the public to not use the company’s vehicles, including its trucks, and to avoid driving through the area.

This is an ongoing investigation, Lusborough said.