Alum and aluminum fence panel manufacturer will bring its business to Mexico

Alum has been a major supplier of aluminum and glass to the U.S. since the late 1970s.

Now, the aluminum and metal producer will be bringing its manufacturing operations to Mexico.

Aluminum-fence panels are manufactured by a local company called LMC, and the new company will employ 2,000 workers.

The company will use about $30 million of the $40 million it is raising to build a new factory, which will be located in Tijuana.

“We are thrilled to welcome this great company to Mexico and to bring a manufacturing presence to Mexico,” said Alvaro Salazar, president and CEO of the Alum Corporation, in a statement.

“This factory will be a world-class facility for Alum to manufacture high-quality products at low cost to the public.”

Aluminum fencing is a common material in many homes and apartments.

It is commonly used for exterior wall panels, including for fence posts and windows.

Alum is the largest producer of aluminum in the U