Why are aluminum trucks going to the curb?

The U.S. is facing an aluminum shortage and a nationwide shortage of aluminum truck caps, and the Federal Trade Commission is taking action to help manufacturers solve the problem.

The agency announced Thursday it is suing the trucking industry for a proposed class-action settlement that would give consumers a $1,000 refund for the cost of aluminum trucks that aren’t eligible for a rebate.

The FTC is seeking to prevent aluminum truckers from charging a rebate fee, but it has sought to prevent the companies from imposing any other fee or penalty.

In a complaint filed in federal court in Philadelphia, the FTC argues that the trucker rebate fee is a rip-off and a form of unfair trade practice.

The complaint says that the rebate fee will increase the cost to consumers of aluminum-truck replacement parts and equipment, and that it violates a federal rule that bars rebates on new or used products.

“We are not asking the truck companies to pay the truckers a penny,” said the FTC’s director, Michael Weinberg, in a statement.

“Instead, we are asking them to provide the truck drivers with information on the best way to minimize the cost and maximize the value of the truck.”

The FTC filed the lawsuit on behalf of the National Association of Concrete and Plastic Pipefitters, the National Cement Association and the American Association of Aluminum Pipefitners.

The industry trade group has been fighting a rebate rule that would impose a $3.00 rebate fee on aluminum trucks purchased after June 28, 2018.

Truckers have long complained about rebates and rebates that go beyond the actual cost of the parts and other equipment, according to the complaint.

The trucks are often not eligible for rebates, so the truck owners are responsible for the full cost of any equipment or parts, the complaint said.

For example, aluminum truck trucks without air filters and without aluminum floor mats are subject to a $4.00 rebate fee, according the FTC.

Aluminum floor mats, which are used in the truck bed, are subject a $5.00 fee, the agency said.

Other companies are fighting the FTC on the same issue, arguing that they shouldn’t be subject to the rebate, the commission said.

The companies have argued that the FTC is ignoring the fact that the trucks are “essential to the truck industry’s operation,” the FTC said.

The FTC’s lawsuit asks the court to prohibit the truck rebates.