A new sign has been erected in Perth’s CBD to honour those who died during the World Trade Center tragedy

The city has a sign to commemorate the thousands of people killed during the September 11, 2001, terror attacks and the ensuing tragedy.

The Perth sign, located on the corner of Broadway and King Street, has been put up to mark the thousands who lost their lives in the twin towers attacks and to honour the families of those killed.

The sign reads “All my friends, my fellow citizens, my friends in the police force, my family, and everyone who died.”

The sign was erected by a local art group in partnership with the group of architects, designers and artists.

The Perth Sign Company, which has been in business since 2012, is a not-for-profit organisation and has been commissioned by the Perth Chamber of Commerce to construct a sign that celebrates the people of Perth.

“We wanted to create a memorial for the people who were killed and injured on that day and in the months following that,” said Michael Kettler, one of the architects behind the sign.

“This was the perfect opportunity for us to create something that will commemorate those who have died.”

It will be something that we hope will go down as a memorial that goes far beyond just that.

“Mr Kettlers own company, which includes an architecture firm, is not just working on the Perth sign.

He also has a design firm that is working on a new sign for the city.”

A lot of our clients are families and friends and we want to have a memorial to them, something that is more personal and intimate,” Mr Kettels said.”

There are people who lost everything in those towers, and we would like to be able to be there for them.

“The sign will be placed in the street on King Street where it will be visible from the street.”

The reason it is here is to remember those who lost friends and loved ones and to remember all those who were in the same building and that is what we want,” Mr Seddon said.

Wearing the sign will mean there is an equal chance of people passing by the sign and noticing it.”

For people to see it and to know they can’t miss it,” Mr Fagan said.

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