New aluminum truck bed covers aluminum truck beds

By John MillerThe Associated PressAssociated PressAssociated States (AP) — The Associated Press has found aluminum truck and SUV bed covers manufactured by aluminum companies that could be dangerous.

The aluminum covers were made in Asia and are often used in the United States, which is not required to inspect or test all products, the AP found.

The covers are manufactured by the Chinese aluminum manufacturer Zhejiang Polyethylene (ZPEG) which is known for making large aluminum trucks and buses, as well as in other products such as body armor.

The AP found a large number of aluminum truck covers sold in the U.S. that have the same color as the aluminum trucks, which are made in the country, and the aluminum sheets are stamped with ZPEG, the company said in a statement.

ZhejiangPolyethylene said it does not inspect or tests products and does not sell them in the AP’s database.

ZPEC also said it doesn’t sell aluminum truck, SUV or passenger vehicles.ZPEC said the covers are intended for use in the construction of new and existing vehicles and not for new vehicles.