Aluminum sulfide is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of some products, a research report says

An Australian research group has released a report that claims aluminum sulfides can help to prevent tooth decay, as well as protect the mouth against bacteria.

The Australian Medical Research Council has conducted a study that examined the safety of aluminum sulfate, which is used to make toothpaste, toothbrushes and other products.

The report, published in the journal Food Chemistry, concluded that aluminum sulfates are safe in general use and in combination with other substances.

The report found that the aluminum sulfone, a sulfone and aluminum ion, is one of the most effective agents for preventing dental caries, the decay of the tooth surface, from occurring.

The group concluded that the combination of the two agents, aluminum sulfones and aluminum ions, has been shown to be the most potent anticancer agent available.

It also found that aluminum ions have been found to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which could help to decrease cavities and prevent them from forming.

Aluminum sulfide, also known as alum, is used in many products, from toothpaste to dental implants.

It is added to make the toothpaste more transparent and to give the teeth a soft appearance.